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8 Weeks to Wellness is just that: an eight-week program that focuses on health, not sickness. This breakthrough program is designed to address the health concerns that face all of us including weight loss, blood pressure, stress management, depression, loss of strength and flexibility, and cholesterol. Our program encompasses all the fundamental wellness therapies needed to address your physical, chemical and emotional health.

The Program:
• Personalized Diet Program
• On-Site Personal Training Sessions, including strength and cardiovascular workouts
• Complete physical fitness exam including blood work with cardiovascular and diabetic screening
• Weekly Meditation Instruction
• Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy customized for the individual 
• Accountability and coaching to make your goals a reality!

With 8WW you can achieve your ultimate health! Our wellness program will teach you how to properly take care of your body and become your own best doctor. An unhealthy lifestyle is at the root of 75% of all disease. This life-changing program breaks the unhealthy habits that are developed over time, replacing them with healthy rituals for a lifetime.

The Results:

We consistently see dramatic reductions in weight, body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol and other blood lips, as well as waist and hip measurements. We can help you achieve the same results.

The Average 8 Weeks to Wellness Patient:

- Loses 15.4 lbs
- Loses 3.26 inches off his/her waistline
- Loses 3 inches off his/her hips
- Increases Muscle Mass by 19%
- Decreases BMI by 2.37%
- Decreases Cholesterol by 26.9 points
- Decreases Triglycerides by 114 points
- Increases HDL by 5.5 points
- Decreases LDL by 22.8 points

- Decreases Fasting Insulin Levels by 6.05 points

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Don't put your health at risk any longer!
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