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Posture Plays a Role in Injuries and Spinal Problems

Incorrect posture, whether caused by a spinal misalignment or a lifetime of bad habits, opens the door to a variety of physical complaints. Unequal stresses on each side of the body may cause some muscles to grow strained while others remain underdeveloped. Improper footwear or excessive standing can stress the arches of the feet, causing a condition called plantar fasciitis as well as knee, ankle, hip or back pain. A hunched over or "head forward" posture can lead to chronic neck and shoulder pain. At the same time, overcompensation through an exaggerated "military" stance can also cause undue strain and pain. In addition to muscle and connective tissue strain, an uneven posture may put stress on certain nerve roots, causing referred pain and other symptoms throughout the body.

Seated posture can also affect overall spinal health. Many office workers, for instance, experience neck, back or hand strain because they sit at the wrong angle relative to their desks, monitors or keyboards. Proper sitting posture requires a straight neck and back with both feet planted comfortably on the ground and the thighs resting parallel to the floor.

Even a healthy posture featuring correct vertical alignment can cause trouble if you maintain a single unvaried position for too long a time. As the muscles supporting the spinal column and feet grow tired, they may sustain stress injuries or falter in their duties, allowing the posture to gradually fall out of place, especially for individuals who work long hours at a desk or counter. Taking short breaks to stand up, sit down, stretch, walk around or even exercise can give muscles a much-needed chance to relax while also boosting blood flow and oxygenation of tissues.

Natural Methods for Restoring and Maintaining Correct Posture

We encourage anyone struggling with back, neck, foot or joint pain to undergo an initial consultation and posture screening at our Abington clinic. Dr. Degon can take your medical history and discuss your symptoms with you, then examine your spinal alignment and the way you stand, sit and walk. We can then prescribe the appropriate natural treatments to restore you to a healthier posture. If, for example, a spinal misalignment or compression can throw your body off center, chiropractic adjustment can correct this imbalance, allowing your muscles to support the spinal column more evenly and with less strain while also removing nerve pressure.

Supportive therapies such as massage or cold laser therapy may also help overtaxed tissues feel better and heal themselves. Orthotic footwear can provide extra support for the arches to relieve plantar fasciitis or joint pain caused by foot abnormalities. You may also need physical training and corrective exercises to strengthen your core muscles, enabling you to maintain a healthy posture and avoid future problems. we can even recommend best practices for workplace ergonomics and everyday postural awareness to ensure a lifetime of better overall health. Contact our clinic for more information.

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