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Abington Massage Therapy for Enhanced Pain Relief & Injury Rehabilitation

Massage therapy is a natural complement to chiropractic care. Massage treatments offer enhanced pain relief and support the body’s natural healing process from the inside out – helping our patients feel better without the need for drugs or surgery. Massage therapy also helps to lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and depression, manage stress, promote a healthy pregnancy, and even lower post-surgery recovery time.

Massage Therapy Complements Chiropractic for Patient Pain Management Needs

Our licensed massage therapist is trained to provide several styles of massage treatment, including deep tissue and myofascial release. These treatment techniques are effective for managing back pain, neck pain, jaw pain and other types of chronic pain. Myofascial release uses sustained pressure and slow, deep strokes to release tension trapped deep within the body’s connective tissues, known as the fascia.

Over time, the fascia can become “stuck” in dysfunctional movement patterns, exacerbating pain and restricting mobility. Working with the fascia helps restore flexibility and fluidity to this tissue.
Trigger point massage is another popular massage style that targets areas within the muscle tissue that are prone to tenderness and tension. When the muscles are tense, they contract, leading to further tension and pain. Trigger point massage is key to breaking this cycle of contraction, tension and pain.

Abington massage therapy is also beneficial for injury rehabilitation and prevention. Massaging sore or stiff muscle tissue brings fresh, nutrient-rich blood into the tissue, clearing out lactic acid and other toxins. This supports the body’s natural healing process and reduces scar tissue build up. Regular sports massage treatments are also beneficial for individuals who are training for a competitive race, such as a marathon or triathlon. Massage helps the muscles recover faster during the training process and decreases the risk for injury.

Prior to your first massage therapy appointment, our Abington chiropractor will meet with our licensed massage therapist to discuss your current pain management and injury rehabilitation needs. Together, they will create a custom treatment program to help you meet your health and wellness goals. Most treatment sessions last between 45 and 60 minutes; the length of a session depends on your health needs.

Massages are relaxing and pain-free experience. While some pressure may be necessary to release tension within the connective tissue or muscles, this pressure is tailored to your body’s specific needs. Following treatment, you may experience temporary soreness or stiffness; however, you will benefit from less pain and enhanced mobility. As your body’s connective tissues release tension and begin to heal, weekly treatment sessions will support this recovery process.

Therapeutic massages, like deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point, play in important role in pain management and injury rehabilitation. Regular massage treatments are a natural complement to chiropractic care. Our Abington chiropractor finds that this integrated approach to treatment delivers enhanced pain management benefits for patients.

To learn more about how massage therapy can improve your health, contact our wellness center today at 215-657-9355.

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