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Achieving Optimal Health with Comprehensive Wellness Care

Our chiropractor Dr. Edward Degon started In-Line Wellness Center with the goal of helping patients attain optimal wellness. At our Abington chiropractic clinic, we provide a full spectrum of chiropractic, nutritional and fitness services.

Dr. Edward Degon, provides advanced spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments that offer natural pain relief. These techniques are safe, comfortable and highly effective. They are appropriate for patients experiencing headaches, neck pain, back pain and discomfort associated with spinal conditions. Chiropractic treatments not only eliminate soreness, but they also prevent injuries by correcting spinal misalignments. These treatments work in tandem with your wellness plan to restore whole body health.

We will provide a customized plan tailored to each patient's injury, illness or pain condition. To complement chiropractic, massage therapy activates healing and complements other aspects of chiropractic care. Our treatment plans address each patient's individualized objectives.
In addition to chiropractic treatment, we encourage patients to take charge of their physical fitness.

Before suggesting an exercise program, we carefully consider each patient's specific condition. Some patients need to modify or avoid certain activities. They may need to add targeted exercises that align and strengthen the body and restore functionality. Patients who exercise regularly accelerate their healing, improve their physical fitness and enhance their wellness.

Since our goal is to help you achieve optimal wellness, we provide nutrition counseling that includes a structured program tailored to each patient's individual needs. Many of us eat the same foods day after day without thinking about their nutritional value. We may take the same supplements for months without stopping to wonder if our needs have changed, or if supplements interact with our medications. Our bodies change over time and so do their requirements. 

Each day, our bodies ingest toxins in the form of air pollution, household chemicals, pesticides and food additives. The liver has to work hard to rid the body of these toxins. Over time, the liver can become backed up and store these harmful substances, causing unpleasant symptoms that may include low energy, headaches, and bloating. The purpose of detox is to relieve the burden on the liver. Our detox program safely cleanses the liver, making it work more efficiently.

Through our comprehensive treatment, we work to improve your health and help you achieve your individual wellness goals.

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