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Posted on 03-31-2014

Weight Loss in AbingtonAt In-Line Wellness Center in Abington PA, we offer healthier habits and weight loss in eight weeks. Many of our patients would like to lose weight, become more active, and achieve good health -- but quickly become frustrated when immediate results aren’t realized.

At our clinic, we believe good health starts with a customized program that is designed specifically for the individual, which is why we have started an “8 Weeks to Wellness” program. This program is designed to facilitate good eating habits with an increase in exercise so that our clients can lose weight consistently and safely.

What is a personalized diet?

A personalized diet is a weight loss and exercise plan that is specifically designed to meet your nutrition goals while helping you lose weight safely and effectively. Here at In-Line Wellness Center, we believe that everyone is different, and therefore, their caloric intake and exercise needs will be different. That is why we provide each of our weight loss patients personalized nutrition and exercise goals.

How does exercise and personal training help your diet?

Physiologically, exercise burns calories and increases stamina and strength. Mentally, exercise reduces stress and causes a sense of well-being. Utilizing the services of a personal trainer can enhance the results because your trainer is able to design custom exercise programs that burn more calories, and also tone and strengthen the body more effectively. Plus, personal trainers have vast knowledge about exercising and getting (and staying) in shape that translates to sound advice about how to achieve health goals.

What does chiropractic care have to do with dieting and exercise?

While exercise makes people feel better, it is almost impossible to get started on an exercise and wellness program while experiencing chronic pain. Chiropractic care can lessen pain and reduce the chance for injuries, which makes creating healthy eating habits and getting active easier.

Would you visit our Abington, PA chiropractor in an effort to lose weight and get healthy? 

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