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Posted on 05-16-2014

How Our Chiropractor Battles Back Pain

However your back pain started -- a sports injury, poor workplace ergonomics, a chronic degenerative Massage Therapy in Abingtonjoint problem, you name it -- you probably want relief as soon as possible, preferably without major surgery or a lifetime spent on pain medications. Here are In-Line Wellness Center in Abington, PA, we are determined to help our patients feel better and enjoy better physical function. That is why we bring not just one, but two natural healing techniques to bear on your back problem -- chiropractic treatment and massage therapy.

That nagging pain in your back may originate in muscular strain, nerve impingement, or both. If you get involved in a violent auto impact or sports injury, for instance, a disc between two of your vertebrae can bulge outward onto a nearby nerve root. This pinching of the nerve can cause not only severe pain but also loss of sensation or other odd feelings at any point along the nerve pathway. (This is why a pinched sciatic nerve may cause pains in your leg as well as in your back.) Chiropractic adjustment fixes the misalignments that permit these nerve impingements -- and once the nerve is relieved, so is your pain.

At the same time, years of slouching at your desk or walking around with an unbalanced spine can also cause chronic muscle tension. Our chiropractor will frequently prescribe massage from our license massage therapist to handle these soft tissue ailments. Massage can soothe aching muscles and release trapped connective tissues that may be contributing to your backache.

Relief Is Available in Abington, PA

Now that you see how these two powerful healing modalities work together to relieve pain, speed healing and restore range of motion, the next logical step is to experience this dynamic duo for yourself. Contact In-Line Wellness Center for a consultation, and let us help you get your back into line!

Do you experience other symptoms along with your pain, such as numbness or tingling sensations? Tell us about them!

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