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Posted on 07-30-2014

Inline Wellness Center recommends that everyone perform various stretches on a daily basis. Stretching compliments chiropractic care, loosens sore and stiff muscles and promotes flexibility and range of motion.

Benefits of Stretching Muscles, Ligaments and Joints

Stretching provides a multitude of benefits, including increased range of motion, less risk of injury while exercising or performing daily tasks, improved circulation, reduced back pain and stress and better flexibility of the muscles, ligaments and joints, which improves balance, stability and coordination.

Everyone should stretch on a daily basis and before performing any heavy lifting or exercise. This reduces the risk of pulling or straining a muscle. However, it’s important to perform all stretches the correct way. Otherwise, the stretch could cause muscle strain.

Ensure Proper Form While Performing Stretching Exercises

The first rule of proper form is to never stretch cold muscles. Before performing any stretching exercises, make sure to warm up for five minutes by doing some brisk walking. Warm muscles improve the effectiveness of the stretch and ensure that you do not pull a muscle while stretching.

Next, decide how you want to stretch. There are two ways to stretch: dynamic and static. Dynamic stretches involve bouncing or moving while performing the stretch. It is still recommended that you never bounce while stretching a muscle or joint, but you can perform slow movements while stretching, including leg and arm circles and rotating the hips.

Static stretches are the stretches you perform while holding a certain pose. During these stretches, you move as far into the pose as you can without causing yourself pain and hold the stretch for between three and five seconds, repeating the stretch one to three times to ensure the muscles are loose.

Performing a daily stretching routine is essential for good health and mobility, and it can be combined with chiropractic care to help current injuries and prevent future injuries.

Do you perform stretches on a daily basis? Tell us your favorite stretches in the comments below.

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